Osage Valley Chapter

Helpline: 800.378.7955

Mailing Address:

PO Box 502

Clinton, Mo. 64735

Email Osage Valley Board for any additional information needed.

The Osage Valley Chapter serves Butler, Clinton, Eldorado Springs, Harrisonville, Nevada, Osceola in Missouri, Miami & Linn counties in Kansas, and their surrounding communities.

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Chapter Officers

PRESIDENT:          Bones

VICE PRESIDENT:        Vacant

SECRETARY:              Greybeard

TREASURER:               Crewdawg


Chapter Meetings

Chapter Meetings

Meetings are held the 2nd Sunday of the month at 5pm at the Boy Scout Park in Butler, Mo. Meetings are open to the public.

404 W. Fort Scott
Butler, Mo. 64730

Appointed Positions
Poem written by one of our FAMILY

We Fight with our looks and not our fists

Our presence is so bold, you’ll tingle your wrists

To perpetrators we’re strong and we scare away

Supporting a kid is our motto to stay

We don’t judge or mislead

We just listen to a child at a plead

Our job is to support and love

From abuse, help kids fly like a dove

We may joke and play around

But, mess with children, Judges will put you to the ground

Our vibe is so toxic, it’s to kill

Because one strong force causes guilt to fill

If you support one kid you’ll truly learn

Understanding is the key to a relationship you’ll earn

We are Bikers Against Child Abuse

To hurt a child is no excuse!

Presented to Osage Valley Chapter from “Poetic Justice”

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