SHOTO Chapter




Southern Hills of the Ozark Chapter

P.O. Box 1796  Ava, MO 65608

Helpline # 800-467-3810

Monthly Meeting

2nd Sunday of every month

2:30 pm

The Frosty Mug

400 West 3rd Street   Mountain Grove, Mo 65711

(Business 60 across from Cozumel Mexican Restaurant)

We are always looking for devoted people to join our organization to help empower our abused children.

If you are interested in joining we welcome you to attend our meetings and find out how!

Meetings are open to the public.

President: Thumper

VP:  Linkster

Treasurer: QueenB

Secretary: Bambi

Security Officer: Mongo


Other Chapter Positions

Child Liaison: Boon

Court Liaison: Shifter

Merchandiser:   Bambi  

Event Coordinator: Chapter Exec Board 

Fundraiser Coordinator: Boon

Historian: Bambi

Biker Liaison: Slinger

Public Relations: Slinger

Sponsorship Coordinator: Chapter Exec Board

Road Captain: Linkster

Membership Coordinator: Thumper

Agency Liaison: Boon

Level 2 Coordinator: Thumper